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ANDELS HOTEL Stroupeznickeho 21, Prague 5 - Smichov
Andel City is the new district with cinemas and shopping possibilities, located in a city part "Smichov".

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single room (1person) N/A N/A 0%
double room (2persons) N/A N/A 0%

APARTMENTS KONVIKT 10 Konviktska 10, Prague 1 - Old Town
Located in the side street close the very lively boulevard Narodni which is full of cafés, restaurants and shopping opportunities while all the Prague sights and monuments are reachable within short walk.

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supplement (1person) 0 € 0 € /nts 100%

DUSNII APARTMENTS Dusni 13, Prague 1 - Old Town
Exclusive location directly in the Jewish Quarter in the quiet street but still in the core of the historical centre of Prague. The Spanish Synagogue, one of the most significant landmarks in the city, is located right next to the house. It takes just a short 5-minutes stroll to the famous Old Town Square and all Prague’s significant sights are reachable in a walking distance.

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two-bedroom apartment (4persons) 213 € 213 € /nts 0%
supplement (1person) 0 € 0 € /nts 100%

APARTMENTS MAISELOVA 5 Maiselova 5, Prague 1 - Old Town
Located right in the historical Jewish Quarter heritage, in the direct neighbourhood of Old Town Square. All historical monuments are a minute away, nowadays there is a plenty of fancy restaurants and cafés, big brands shops and other tourist attractions in the surrounding.

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three-bedroom apartment (6persons) 261 € 261 € /nts 0%
supplement (1person) 0 € 0 € /nts 100%

MILOSRDNYCH APARTMENTS U Milosrdnych 6, Prague 1 - Old Town
The house is located just next to the Church of Sts. Simon and Jude whose history dates back to the 14th century. All the other major sights are within walking distance. Conveniently situated in a quiet street just a few minutes' walk from the Old Town Square and Jewish Quarter.

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two-bedroom apartment (4persons) 199 € 199 € /nts 0%
supplement (1person) 10 € 10 € /nts 0%
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