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Last Minute Prague
Last Minute Prague

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1) select one of the offered ways how to find suitable place for you
- super last-minute displays mix of hotel rooms and apartments available for next 7 days – very hot rooms with the greatest savings
- hotels and apartments section offers rooms available for next 7 – 21 days
- fast search allows you to specify exact dates of your trip to Prague which definitely returns the most appropriate data – if you enter dates exceeding 21 days limit from today you will be offered to perform search on the web site where there are even more hotels and apartments available on non last-minute basis

2) choose your favorite hotel/apartment from the list, please note rates shown a the minimal rates for the performed search results

3) check all details about selected hotel, if you like to check your travel dates, use one of the boxes below to "CONTACT” our office - fill up your personal details and we will calculate and show real time availability and EXACT rates for selected days within a few hours. (please note PRICE may vary day by day, all of these rates are heavily reduced rates and service provider manage their bids according to real daily occupancy). If you like to book your apartments IMMEDIATELY, please, use our PHONE or LIVE HELP chat below.

4) Although we display the most recent and up-to-date information about free rooms and apartments there still might be some circumstances under which we won’t be able to confirm your booking e.g. hotel accept own booking without previous notice, someone is little faster when filling in personal details etc. In this case we reserve the right to refuse your booking and offer you alternate services. Please advise us if you don't wish to have any alternative services.Bookings are usually confirmed within a few hours to your e-mail address 24 hours at the latest.

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